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  • Will You Be in The Dark on March 29th? Earth Hour 2014 Approches

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As part of our commitment to a greener planet, Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch encourages you to go black for one hour on March 29th in support of the 2014 Earth Hour worldwide movement.

We live in an era where climate change is no longer a distant fantasy – it’s happening around us every day as the warning arise, showing us that we are heading into a fundimentally different world than the one we’re used to. To preserve our way of life, and to ensure we pass down the same responsibility to the next generation, it’s more important now than ever to reduce our carbon emissions and our energy usage to sustainable levels.

Earth Hour represents the efforts of individuals worldwide to affect social and environmental change by making a bold statement each year. Starting in 2007 in Sydney, Australia, by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and has grown meteorically over the last few years to encompass over 7000 cities and includes most Canadian communities.

And in terms of our carbon footprint, Canadians have a lot to catch up on. In 2013, Canada on a whole produced 747 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. That’s about 24 tonnes per resident. As a comparison, the US has a much larger industrial sector and yet only produces 20 tonnes of the greenhouse gas per citizen. It’s clear that, as a nation, we must address environmental impact as it relates to our home and our daily lives.

That’s why participation in Earth Hour is such an essential statement to make as Canadians. Going Green has been a popular rhetoric for the last decade as we wet our feet to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle – but no one has taken the first step as emissions continue to accelerate year on year.

So how does it work? On March 29th, at 8:30pm in your timezone, you shut off every non-essential light, turn off and unplug every electronic that you don’t need. If you can avoid it, leave the car at home. If you can, avoid using electronics or other mediums to entertain yourself that consume power. The ethos of Earth Hour is to affect as little of a carbon footprint as possible.

Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch hopes you have a safe Earth Hour this Saturday, and encourages you to find something out of the ordinary to mark the hour.

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