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  • Warning Signs of an Unqualified Door to Door Salesman

We’ve all been there before. There’s someone at our door trying to sell us a product or service and something just feels…off about what they’re telling you. The truth of the matter is that while most door to door salespeople aren’t scammers, many may not be qualified to say some of the things they say. Here are some things to watch out for in a door-to-door meeting.

You’re Given a Very Quick Estimate

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This is very commonly among a few businesses, but particularly among roofing solicitors, renovators, and even real estate agents. These types of door to door salespeople aren’t selling a product with installation, they’re doing work on or with your home. That being said, if the person gives you an estimate for a job without even looking at what they’re working on – that estimate is probably wrong.

For home contractor work, costs are based on a dozen different factors to extent of work, materials, season, and what exactly you want done. So if a door to door salesperson from a roofing company quotes you at 10 grand for a re-roofing without even measuring the roof, then that salesperson is just throwing you a false number. The job will likely not cost that, and the company doing the work will not honor that estimate.

You’re Offered a Special “Today Only”

We all like a good deal, and as a result many companies like to oblige us by offering sales or specials. And while many companies offer seasonal or periodic specials, there’s really no such thing as a special for one day only, especially in door to door sales.

Not really a practice of roping someone into a bad deal, it’s just simply a way that weak salespeople try to put pressure on their sales pitch. The logic is, since they’re there for that day only at your door, then there must be some impulsive promotion that you’re lucky to even hear about. The truth is that the door to door salesperson is likely clamoring for a sale, and is hoping a cheap shot at your buyer’s impulse might tip the scales.

Maybe the salesperson is having a bad day, or maybe this is something they’ve been relying on. But for you, it’s a sign that there is no special, and this door to door salesperson is trying to manipulate you, even if it’s with good intentions.

The Salesperson Can’t Talk About the Business

The difference between sales and retail is a valley. Someone who goes door to door is, in their own way, an expert on whatever they’re selling. That means they know why people might need the product or service, and they know what concerns you’ll have about it.

If you have a concern or question to voice to a door to door salesperson and they don’t know anything about the product, the consumer experience, or the industry to any meaningful level: they’re just trained to talk. Reputable companies take great care in teaching their sales reps the “How” and the “Why” of the business; and qualified sales reps can demonstrate why their product or service is superior, why it will help you, and what their business can help you with.

If a door to door salesperson doesn’t pass these three signs: they’re not trying to scam you. More likely they’re not qualified to help you with a problem, or worse yet: they weren’t trained to. Maybe an act deserving of a hug, but not your money.

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