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  • Scammers Are Posing as Gas Distributor Enbridge

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A number of energy contractors have been going around Ontario neighborhoods posing as major gas distributor Enbridge. There’s a very specific reason this trick works, and it’s a lot more surprising than you think. This week, Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch will examine how the popular scam of misrepresentation has taken hold in so many houses across the province.

The reason this scam works so well towards tricking Ontario homeowners is that, even among reputable and legitimate energy sellers, your gas bill will always be an Enbridge bill. There would be no benefit in tricking you into signing an energy contract only to get a bill with someone else’s logo on it.

As Enbridge still remains the sole provincial distributor for natural gas in Ontario, and as energy markets simply provide fixed rates, it’s very simple for scammers to pose as Enbridge and tack on their company as a rider in text so small that most people read over it.

While Enbridge will show up from time to time for regular inspects, installations, or with free giveaways, they will never sell a product or service at the door (however recently Enbridge has been seen door to door as part of the oil pipeline campaign,but that’s neither here nor there). Enbridge has no reason to sell products or contracts at the door, and those who claim to are operating a scam.

There’s a two very simple steps to protect yourself from this sort of scam – ask for their Enbridge ID and report it. Either way, Enbridge doesn’t solicit at the door, and anyone who represents them is operating a scam.

It’s important, however, to recognize that every energy marketer and home services contractor generally goes through Enbridge to do business. Seeing another company’s name on your gas bill does not necessarily mean you’ve been scammed, nor does it mean that Enbridge in complicit in the charge. The company listed under the charge is the sole authority and responsibility of that particular charge.

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