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  • Scammers Will Rush At the Door, Real Sales Reps Don’t

Beware_of_Energy_scamAll sales pitches can feel a little intimidating, especially when that salesperson is looking at you while you’re considering an offer. What can look predatory may merely be impatient (or maybe the sales rep just really needs to use the washroom). If you’ve ever had a salesperson approach you at the door, are you able to spot the difference between a tired rep on the job, or a hungry scammer looking for his next mark?

Really, without much to go on besides their appearance and conduct, the most important thing to recognize is how the sales rep treats you and your home when they visit. Scammers inherently have no respect for you, they’re only looking to defraud you.  And real scammers try very hard to spend as little time talking to you or addressing your concerns.

The less time scammers spend speaking to you, the more time they can spend with your neighbors and other homeowners.  For scammers, the more houses they can hit, the more scams they can pull off.

Legitimate sales agents, on the other hand, spend a greater amount of time with their clients and conduct their work patiently. They will respond to your questions honestly and give you the space and the time you need to consider the things they say. While it may be difficult to separate scammers and sales agents; how they spend their time with you will tell you more than just by asking questions.

Another sign is how the person at your door respects your space and your home. For many individuals, their home is their safe space and it can be very distressing to have someone breach that kind of security. Scammers often like to put their foot in the door, hold the door open if you try to close it, or even go as far to walk inside uninvited.

With how many doorsteps a sales agent has stood on in their days, being invited in is something they’ve learned is a privilege, not a right. If you invite someone into your home, it should be because you trust them, not because they demand to or expect to be let in. If someone is forcing their way into your house, it’s more than likely they not trying to do you a service.

Many people think they can spot a scammer at the door, and this can lead to misunderstandings with a sales rep when they show up. Body language, tone, and patience are the biggest clues to a rep’s intentions. A legitimate sales rep recognizes that they’re there on your terms, in your space, and will conduct themselves as patiently and politely as possible.

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