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  • Pressured at the Door? Two Essential Tips to Quell Buyer’s Anxiety

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It goes without saying that door to door sellers can make you feel “put on the spot” or pressured. While for many, this is ultimately the driving force that pushes them to buy something at the door, many can feel offended or upset and turn someone away prematurely. In either case, this is a primarily emotional reaction to an unwanted situation. While many door to door sales people may offer you the right product or service, a gut reaction serves only to poison any good deal offered at the door. That’s why Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch would like to take some of the pressure off door-to-door sales by reinforcing your freedoms as a consumer.


You’re Not Obligated To Buy At The Door

And many sales people genuinely won’t expect you to. It’s a well kept secret that many door to door sales people close the vast majority of their deals well after a door meeting has already been made. It’s kept secret in part because there’s still a prevalent belief that sales can only be made in a high-pressure environment.
This applies less so to valid and worthwhile products and services, which are reliant on pushing the sale before common sense or reason on the part of the consumer has time to kick in and find an objection.
If there’s a definite value to a product or service offered at the door but the pressure it a bit too much to make a clear decision, simply ask for a follow up appointment. The sales person can offer you a card and arrange a meeting that’s a little more convenient for you, and this gives you time to reflect on what was discussed before you decide if you want to buy or not.

Always Follow Up With Your Sales Rep

We say this because, in reality, all sales people secretly love this, yet it’s quite uncommon. By far the most important part of sales is taking care of clients after they’ve agreed to buy. As a door to door sales person has answered hundreds of questions regarding what they offer, they can be considered an expert in the field.
If you’ve ever had post-purchase regrets or believe you’ll have any concerns or problems with what you’ve bought – you’ll be surprised as to what salespeople are capable of when helping their clients resolve problems. Particularly in door to door situations, sales people maintain close contact with their clients due to the sensitive nature of the business.

Good door to door sales reps understand the value of continuing a relationship with someone who buys at the door, and the same applies to you. If pressure at the door is making it difficult to make a decision, you can always put it off. This is one time when procrastination may be the best solution.

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