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“Dear Ontario Energy Group, Last month i had a visit from a salesperson saying they represented {REMOVED}. There were two men who called themselves Mike and Brandon. Both were carrying white binders and I could smell alcohol on the both of them. Mike told me they were going around my neighborhood, and reviewing energy contracts to make sure we were getting the new government rebate program. I told them i didnt have time to talk my utilities and that i didnt appreciate them knocking on my door. I asked to speak to whoever their supervisor was. Mike told me that they took care of problems through their customer service line and gave me a number located in california. I feel like these men were out to cause problems in my neighborhood, what can I do to report them?”

Cathy P. Burlington, ON.

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Thank you for writing to us, Cathy. As you can probably tell, the warning signs that these two men weren’t who they said they were are pretty clear right away. By refusing to identify themselves professionally, they send a clear message that they are not here representing the company they claimed to be representing.

Additionally, no one who’s openly drinking at a day job is qualified nor capable of providing you with proper service. There have been some unverified reports from consumers on the net of a group of people who meet at bars to plan out their routes in nearby neighborhoods.

Whether the drinking is to give them a sense of confidence and courage, of it there’s underlying problems, we wouldn’t be able to say. But ultimately: if someone is knocking at you door and they seem inebriated in any way, it’s both smart and the safe to refuse them entry to your home, or to provide them with any personal information.

As for reporting a complaint from an energy reseller like this, you can use as a resource to help you file a formal complaint. Alternatively, if you believe these people may be misrepresenting the company in question, you can contact the company directly. Most commonly, reps without proper Ids don’t represent energy retailers, and it helps both the company and yourself to report these individuals.

And as always, Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch encourages you to be safe if an event at the door ever threatens you. We encourage you not to confront these people aggressively, as it can be a safety concern. Do what you can to politely refuse them at the door, and avoid anything that might escalate a situation.

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