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  • What Do You Know About Energy Reseller Scams?

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You’ve likely heard it all over the news: energy reseller scammers are coming to Ontario homes and pressuring people at the door to sign up for contracts that don’t help them save any money. Or worse, these people at the door are they to steal your personal information, and a few very criminal elements have even worse intentions.

What are energy reseller scams,? Are all door-to-door salesmen there to scam you? And how can you tell the difference between an energy reseller, and a scammer? Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch tackles one of the most pressing questions that homeowners face.

What Are Energy Reseller Scams?

Energy resellers are a new part of Ontario’s utility deregulation process, which allows licensed and authorized businesses to provide wholesale utilities to Ontario homeowners. This has been of great benefit to homeowners, as it allows utilities to be priced realistically and competitively to the needs of residents.

Many energy resellers do operate legitimate practices door-to-door retailing to consumers. However, like any industry, scammers have found this direct approach very enticing to create new scams and manipulate homeowners into unfair or damaging contracts.

Are all Energy Resellers Scamming You?

From all the bad we hear about energy reselling scams, it’s important to realize that door-to-door scams get more press precisely because they’re sensational and exciting. People are naturally drawn to stories of scammers approaching them, and share these stories to warn one another. The the fact is: energy reseller scams are only a small, if nasty, part of what makes up the energy reseller business.

An important step of understanding energy scams are to separate what makes a scam a scam from the general practices that legitimate energy resellers conduct every day in their line of work.

How Do You Recognize a Scammer?

Recognizing a scammer requires more than just looking at the details, but also looking at the context in which a scammer approaches you when looking for a deal.

Recognize that scammers most often aren’t licensed or authorized to be energy resellers, and a huge part of the scam “script” they’re trained to use on you is to either get around showing you authorization, or get to their sell before you have time to think about it.

Salespeople who rush a sale are bad salespeople, that’s always been simple. Worse yet, someone who’s rushing you at the door might be rushing you for a very suspect reason. Take some time, get the right information from the person at the door, and make sure to ask a lot of questions. The more you know, the better you can be informed about whether or not there’s a scam at the door.

Energy reseller scams are focused on getting you to sign immediately, with no waiting period and no time to think. The faster they move, the less you’re able to know when it comes to making an informed decision. If the person at your door is going too fast for you, either make them slow down or send them on their way.

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