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  • My Hydro Bill Keeps Going Up And I Have Nowhere to Turn

“Im fighting high hydro bills and Im at my wits end!!! My hydro company installed a smart meter in 2012 and since then my hydro bills have gone up up up! For three months I wasnt being charged then I got a bill for $1500 and I cant challenge it I had to pay or I would lose power! Im sick and tired of these corrupt fat cats taking my money and I speak for all of ontario when I say… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!”

Tim H. Oshawa, ON

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We’re right there with you, Tim. Hydro prices over the last few years have been, if not outright high, incorrect or misleading. And this is leading to issues with billing, missing bills and those ever frustrating “estimations” about energy usage that, more often than not, turn out to be wrong.

So you’re definitely not alone in feeling that Hydro One has not been entirely honest with the disclosure of prices and billing methods. In fact, this has lead to one of the single largest outpouring of consumer complaints in this history of the Ontario Ombudsman, the office that investigates public services.

With over 5,000 complaints from Ontario residents alone, it seems like the next big scandal to hit our energy-frustrated province. Hydro One has even received a complaint about a home receiving their hydro bill… after the house burnt down.

Of particular concern to us are complaints of these so-called “Smart Meters” in fact estimating energy usage rather than actually applying real use metrics for billing. Hydro One service representatives responded with claims of glitches in the smart meter system, yet the adjusted charges are incontestable and have left thousands of residents in energy poverty.

Whether or not there’s incidences of corruption or mismanagement at Hydro One, we cannot say. But it’s clear that this system is not working for consumers. We encourage you to fight this, and we suggest that you do so through the Ombudsman office. They will be reviewing Hydro One complaints over the next seven months while helping individuals consumers resolve their cases.

We encourage you to be patient while working with the Ombudsman, as this is the single largest case their office has had to deal with. Rest assured that, under the scrutiny of an increasingly irate populace, this issue can and will be resolved for the benefit of all of Ontario.

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