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A study released back in early March of this year suggests that the cost of transitioning to Green Energy is far less for homeowners than originally believed. This report places a huge dent in the arguments of Green Energy critics who have been skeptical of what environmentally sustainable energy solutions can do for Ontario homeowners.

The study was directed by Environmental Defense by Power Advisory LLC, and independent energy consulting firm that traces the energy trends that our province experiences year-to-year. The study shows that the cost of energy sources from solar, wind, and bioenergy only uses up 9% of total average residential power bills in Ontario.

To contrast, other forms of power currently total approximately half of all total bill costs. And yet, the representation in these fields are not fully proportional. Traditional energy sources make up an increasingly shrinking part of Ontario’s energy grid, and yet take up a proportionately higher cost to homeowners. In fact – it seems like critics are not only wrong: they have it backwards. Non-renewable energy sources such as coal and oil are only going to increase in cost as time goes on.

How are Ontario homeowners taking advantage of this? In the short-term, there’s a number of ways to save a little money while going green. Ontario homeowners can already enjoy the 10% energy bill rebate, known as the “Clean Energy Benefit”. This discount allows homeowners to save a significant amount on their bill each month by staying below a certain energy threshold – that is by reducing how much energy they’re consuming.

In addition, as Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch has discussed in previous weeks: new benefit programs are not only allowing homeowners to get financing directly from the Ontario provincial government to retrofit their homes with solar panels and other forms of sustainable energy generation – you can actually be paid for it.

As these energies cost less to maintain, distribute, and control, this creates a unique opportunity to create a friendly neighbor energy saving. As more and more Ontario residents join in actually adding TO Ontario’s energy grid, the costs for those who haven’t will also decrease.

It’s estimated by the Ontario Power Authority that renewables will account for nearly 20% of all household energy consumption within the next 10 years. It’s also estimated that Ontario power generation for renewable energy will triple in the same amount of time.

Amidst the controversy of government spending, the confusion of climate change and the economic viability of green energies – it can be surprising to learn that creating green energy solutions are not, in fact, pork-barrel solutions. These solutions have a real impact on everyday energy costs, and they will be a front-runner in cheaper and cleaner energy for Ontario residents in the future.

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