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  • What are Government Rebates and How Can You Get Them?

It’s difficult to move people towards making environmentally friendly changes to their home and their life. That’s why the Ontario government has made it easier for residents and homeowners to make smarter choices when it comes to improving the environmental viability of their homes by offering rebates and government grants to homeowners that can meet standards of efficiency. This week, we’ll explore some of the different ways Ontario’s energy industry is fostering energy efficient living.


Where Are These Rebates Coming From?

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It’s not just Ontario’s Ministry of Energy offering energy rebates to homeowners – though they are regulating the granting of them. Not just on the provincial level, many local cities are offering energy rebate programs and grants for homeowners able to demonstrate the right level of energy awareness.

For example, the City of Toronto recently launched Live Green Toronto, a capital projects fund which provides grants and aid to individuals and charity groups engaged in carbon emission reductions in dwellings and group homes.

And surprisingly, major companies such as Enbridge as jumping on board too. Despite being the largest natural gas distributor in the province, Enbridge is offering compensate homeowners with lower rates and even full-blown home servicing to certain customers.

Of note is Enbridge’s Home Weatherization Program, where some applicants may receive free weatherproofing measures on their homes to reduce heat loss, and ultimately natural gas waste.

What Can You Do To Be Eligible?

There’s a number of steps you can take to be eligible for energy rebate programs. First and foremost, you must make it a priority to reduce the amount of energy you’re consuming month to month. While this doesn’t mean turning off the thermostat on a cold day on the off-chance it saves you a few bucks, you could turn to Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch’s useful compendium of energy-saving measures which more than pay for themselves in the long run.

In addition, Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch recommends you focus on the most critical aspect of your home energy usage. This usually means your water heater and gas furnaces which, together, use up over half your monthly energy needs.

And yet, these appliances are typically older and worn in most Ontario houses and generally need replacing. Upgrading these units may also offer you the chance to take advantage of deals from a local home service provider or utility if you’re eligible for a free upgrade.

To learn more about incentive programs offered by Ontario’s Ministry of Energy – please click here.

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