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  • Going Deep Into Geothermal Heating In Our Homes

We’d like to open up with comment shared by a user, which brought to light an emerging yet exciting form of home energy generation.

Geo-thermal is a green heating and cooling system. It draws heat and cooling from underground. It is expensive to install but it is long-term. They make a mess of your property installing it since several hundred feet need to be installed 6 feet underground. They put the soil back but then you’re faced with adding top soil and grass seed. We installed it 4 years ago and are very pleased. Previously we had electric heat and central air and our bills were reduced significantly.
Bonnie T., Smithville, ON


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Geothermal has, up until recently, been something of a niche energy for humans to exploit. In places like Iceland, geothermal capacity can provide for an abundance of energy needs. However in a geologically-stable Ontario, progress has also been made that can make geothermal a great long-term investment to reduce energy costs and provide all the comforts your home needs.

You’ll still need to be a bit lucky with your land to take advantage of geothermal heating. Either a home built well away from any prominent aquifers or with sufficiently large yardage is required to install a geothermal heating system. Because as such, it’s not an ideal building solution for those of us living in dense cities. But out in the country, and especially in rural Ontario, the possibilities are fascinating.

As the temperature below the surface is uniform at around 10 degrees celsius at all times, this allows geothermal systems in homes to provide heat during the winter and cool your home during the summer. The key in all this is a heat exchange, using environmentally-friendly ethanol to pass heat upwards into the home.

And the savings are readily apparent, with most homes saving up to 70% on their heating and cooling costs immediately upon transitioning. Some energy is used to drive the pumps and regulate climate flow, however it’s difficult to match the efficiency of a well installing geothermal unit, which has a life expectancy over 25 years.

Because of a particularly high up-front cost ($15,000+) and the long lifespan of a geothermal unit, it’s a home comfort solution that lends itself best to people who expect to own their own over a long period of time. Based on current Ontario energy rates, it’s not unreasonable to expect savings over $50,000 in the long term. For those who don’t expect to own their home over the long term, you may have to check what effects the project would have on your property value.

While its emerging, Ontario has been on the forefront of adopting geothermal energy as a home heating solution. Over two-thirds of all geothermal systems are based in Ontario, and over 7000 people install them every year. As a way of reducing your energy costs, geothermal might be one of the most attractive long term investments.

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