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  • Fitness Scams Keep Coming Back, And Keep Delivering Nothing

Fitness isn’t just about image, it’s about substance. Looking good doesn’t compare in any way, shape, or form to feeling good. That’s why it’s all the more troublesome when fitness scams promise all the image of good health, and neither ask nor deliver on any substance. Fitness scams are as old as history, showing that scammers don’t change their tune, just their instrument.

Supplements That Do Nothing

Examples: Raspberry Ketones, Green Coffee Diet, Garcinia Cambogia

supplements-diet-scamWhat do all these have in common? If you said that they were featured and promoted by celebrity doctor Dr. Oz, you’re right. The other thing in common is that they all do virtually nothing, and studies support this data.

The truth is that studies that support the use of these “natural supplements” fall into one of three categories:

  • Clinical trials didn’t use humans. For example: Raspberry Ketone studies were tested solely on rats, with variable results. No data supports human fat loss.
  • The trials were conducted by the company that sells the supplement. Green Coffee extract data was provided by companies owned by distributors, and can not be replicated by independent researchers.
  • The side-effects are not understood. Garcinia Cambogia, and other supplements may have adverse side effects. In particular, garcinia cambogia consumption is linked to chemically-induced liver damage.

You cannot replicate weight loss in pill form, despite what Dr. Oz or other paid shills try to tell you. It is impossible, unscientific, and just plain dangerous.

Scams Out of History: Popular weight loss supplements from out of history include such cherished healthy choices such as Smoking Cigarettes, Drinking Irradiated Water, and Swallowing a Tapeworm. We’re not kidding.

Fad Diets That Make you Crash and Burn

Examples: The Dr. Bernstein Diet, The Hollywood Diet, Jenny Craig

diets-healthyYou gotta eat to live, and some of us live to eat. That fact is used against us to press us into accepting some of the craziest, unhealthiest, and most unrealistic diet plans ever though possible. Diets aren’t what helps you lose weight, lifestyle choices do. A diet, by definition, is temporary.

  • And a fad diet is more temporary than most, producing transient weight loss and feelings of exhaustion and ill-health.
  • Fad diets can be dangerously unhealthy, asking that you eat as little as 800 to 1,300 calories a day, well under what half a normal body requires.
  • Some diets require injecting vitamins and supplements into your body in order for it to continue functioning. These are effectively putting your body on assisted life support.
  • Most diets done through companies rope you in for the long term. Their food and products cost more and operate on “point” systems that don’t make any sense when you leave. Once you leave the program, your diet will fail.

Workout Routines That Are Dangerous Or Misleading

Examples: Any infomercial workout routine, Crossfit (Yep)

crossfit-dangerous-workoutAs it turns out, the road to proper fitness is rather simple, it’s just difficult.  Weightlifting, running, and athletic training are all essential parts of maintaining your physical health. Fitness companies instead try to reinvent the wheel, and deliver results that sound too good to be true.

And in many cases, they are. You know those “Before and After” results photos you see attached to every workout course? Turns out you can go from flab to fit in about an hour if you know you a little bit about the human body and photography. You don’t even need to photoshop a picture. That’s not to say they’re all fake, but can you trust them?

  • Many workout programs use the same tactics:
  • Misleading and deceptive results that can be easily disseminated.
  • Workouts that promise half the effort and double the results.
  • On the other hand, some workouts will offer DOUBLE the effort and end up giving you half the results. You see this common with workouts like Insanity. While they’re safe and generally good for you, they’re often ways to buy into fitness culture and sell supplements.
  • In many cases, these programs can teach you improper technique which can lead to serious injury if done alone. Crossfit is currently under a lot of scrutiny for its part in teaching participants dangerous exercises.

As for the best way to get healthy? Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch recommends you stick to healthy diets and a gym membership. You’ll save a lot more money that way, and you won’t look so confused when the next fad supplement, diet, or workout is summarily busted by simple science.

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