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  • How Do I File a Complaint About a Salesperson At My Door?

“Hello there! I’m writing your website because I had a salesman from {REMOVED} come to my house just two days after another one from {SAME BUSINESS, REMOVED} also tried to sell me a contract! The first one walked into my house without asking. I told the other one what the first one did, and he wouldn’t give me his business’ work number! How can businesses operate like this?”

Brenda W., Kitchener, ON


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Thank you very much for writing Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch, Brenda, and we’re sorry to hear about your trouble with salespeople from this particular company. You’re justified in feeling distressed about someone entering your home without permission – regardless of his intentions. In addition, a second rep from the same company was intentionally withholding information, giving serious evidence that the two of them were operating a scam.

There’s a number of steps you can take to have your complaint heard (though you’ve already taken an important step by contacting us), and what you decide to do is really up to your discretion. The most obvious and immediate solution is to track down the company directly to file a complaint against the business. Since neither rep fully identified themselves, you may have to use open business directories to find the business in question.

Another option is to contact the Ontario Energy Board directly, who can help resolve complaints directly with the offending company. Keep in mind, however, that regulatory bodies such as OEB typically have the weight behind them to address serious complaints, but the process can be a bit slow. In the meantime, filing a direct complaint with a company can get you a quicker resolution of your complaint and a clearer response from management.

Keep in mind that many companies can and will deal with their sales forces who act like this. To answer your question “how can businesses operate like this?”, we answer that many don’t know. Door-to-door sales is something of a wild west for employers, and it’s difficult to root out individuals like you’ve described if complaints are only directed at he company or its practices.

You’ll notice Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch has not recommended you take your complaints public. While there’s a time and place for it, going to social media or public forums when you’ve had issues with scams or door-to-door sales should be the step you take if the company in question is unwilling or unable to help you at all. If the company is just as apathetic about your complaint as its sales reps, then you have a definite case to make your case a public matter. This can warn other individuals that the company itself has become toxic.

Sales reps usually represent themselves before the company. That they were so unwilling to offer up company info suggests that they’re trying to operate a scam under the radar of their employer. Thus the best way to identify the problem and bring them to justice is to contact the company directly. Most reputable companies will take the complaint seriously and hold offenders accountable for their actions.

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