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  • “Are Energy Marketers Trying to Scare Me With Rate Increases?”

“I’ve had it up to here with energy contracts coming to my door!! This is absolutely appalling behavior that I want the Ontario government to ban forever. I had a young guy approach me at the door and tell me that now that the Liberals have a majority in the government, they plan to raise electricity and gas 40% each.

And that if I don’t sign a contact right that day, right there, and in front of him, he can’t help protect me against these rises. People need to know! {COMPANY REMOVED} will say anything it takes to get you to sign!

God Bless”

Tyson L. Kingston, ON

Hello, Tyson, and thank you for writing to us. It seems even energy marketers can stay on top of politics, judge the way the wind is blowing, and prey on our fears.

With the smoke clearing from the recent Ontario Election, it’s not surprising that people can feel upset or worried about the state of the province. However, we encourage our readers to stick only to the facts as they happen, and not to be duped or misled by worries of things that have no indication of happening.

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However, we would like to point out that energy hikes, especially in the short term, are a very real reality for Ontarians. With a projected increase in electricity coming in November of this year, and the previous 40% gas hike (which was not a political decision whatsoever), there’s always truth to the lies out there.

You should definitely be concerned about rising energy costs, though we wouldn’t blame the government as the sole factor in this. The current government, though with a history of very duplicitous and anti-consumer practice in their energy policy, has no cause to raise energy rates “just because they can”, which is what this salesperson definitely implied.

There’s a multitude of reasons one would want to sign an energy contract, and rising energy rates is definitely one of them. However, the reality is that once the raises have already occurred, there’s little reason to do it now. It’s already too late, unfortunately. And preying on consumers with rumors of random, malicious, and unsubstantiated rate hikes is definitely a sour practice to be sure.
Our message to Ontario is as thus: We will keep you up to date on any changes in Ontario’s energy news. We do not sell energy contracts to lock in your gas/electricity rates, so we do not have a vested interest in misleading you. Don’t listen to what energy marketers might try to tell you at the door. Stick true to the facts, double check your sources, and make an informed decision when it comes to your home.

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