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  • Are Door-to-Door Salespeople Scammers?

Door-to-door_salespeople_scammersWe’ve all had it happen. You’re just sitting down to dinner and you hear that all too common *knock knock*.  We’ve all had solicitors, or door-to-door salesmen, come to our door, selling anything and everything. What are door-to-door salespeople really after? And is it true that door-to-door salesmen are just out to scam you?

If you read online forums or business review sites, you’d believe it to be so. In truth, the answer is much more complex than you might think. Complaints about door-to-door scams can make it seem like everyone at the door is a scammer, but the reality is that only a handful of door-to-door salesmen are out there with less than honest goals.

Many critics point out that door-to-door is a sales venue used by scammers because it’s cheap and allows for high-pressure sales at the door. The truth is that door-to-door is just like any other sales environment, it has positive sales and negative sales.

Because many businesses that operate in a door-to-door, or face-to-face, environment do so with products or services that don’t work in traditional retail or online retail, it may also be the most effective way to promote or raise awareness for a service.

Many cable services or energy companies only have a limited time to offer promotions, and often to clients who aren’t aware of these deals being offered. As a result, door-to-door is still one of the most effective to promote a business and is easily one of the best ways to talk to potential clients and offer them promotions that they wouldn’t be aware of.

Many businesses use door-to-door sales teams to bring public awareness to their services. Charities and local causes have been using canvas campaigns for years to promote causes that people wouldn’t normally seek out in their day-to-day lives. In many circumstances, these face-to-face meetings are what stands between consumers having access to these causes, and these causes being unable to promote themselves.xp

While scammers do exist in the door-to-door market, they exist in any market. Because it’s a low-cost way to contact potential clients, all sorts of businesses use this venue to communicate. It’s harsh and unfair to paint all people at the door as scammers or con-artists, just as it would be to do in any other sales environment.

Remember you always have control over any encounter at the door. As a homeowner, a face-to-face meeting with a sales agent can be a positive experience or a negative one, depending on how you perceive it. Many door-to-door salespeople are just doing a job like at any brick-and-mortar retail outlet.

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