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Despite all the negative connotations door to door sales gets in the media, there’s something undeniably pure and unrestricted about the process. Door to door sales is among one of the oldest tools of marketing out there, and its resurgence is making a lot of businesses re-evaluate the Web 2.0 model of sales, and it’s changing the way we do business today.

Business Owners Are Turning to Door Salespeople for Inspiration

Few would agree that door to door sales seems “inspiring”, but there’s a small group of people that are looking to door sales are the next source of creative, engagement, and growth. And this group are business owners and entrepreneurs.

Door salespeople, while they can be disagreeable with the method in which they approach potential clients, are reviving old techniques of promoting businesses, creating trusted client bases, and promoting brands in a way that social media and web marketing just isn’t capable of in today’s day and age.

These techniques seem simple, but are all too often lost in the mess of big business, mass marketing, and consumer culture. Above all, door to door salespeople are trained to listen to their clients, make a human connection, and care about the work that they do. These are elements that can’t be conveyed through Amazon, or on eBay, and is sadly lacking in many department stores. These are skills business owners are looking for in their future management, and in the sort of people that lead businesses towards unmitigated success.

Door Sales Are Boosting the Job Market

There’s no doubt that Ontario’s job market is lacking at this time. And nowhere is it struggling worse than among students and young adults, whom are facing one of the toughest uphill climbs to get experience and advance their career.

It’s no wonder that, in the last eight or so years that door to door marketing agencies have sprung up like wildfire, offering competitive employment in a variety of industries. And while yes, earning a high wage can be difficult, it’s serving a useful lesson in the value of hard work, innovation, self-motivation, and character. That may sound a mite paternalistic, and yet the results are apparent: people with the drive and motivation to succeed at door sales have moved on their own to become business owners and entrepreneurs on their own.

It’s Helping To Regulate The Market To Be Fair to Consumers

Of course door to door salespeople and businesses benefit from door to door sales: that’s the entire point, isn’t it? Well as the last “wild west” of business, the wide adoption of door to door sales has a tempering factor involved as well. The more businesses adopt door to door sales, the less scammers can continue to use it as a safe haven to practice whatever they wish.

If that doesn’t make sense: let’s use E-commerce as a demonstrative example. While Amazon and eBay were founded in 1995, it wasn’t until regulation and control following the 2000 dot-com bust for E-commerce to become a trusted and safe way of doing business. Some of us may be too young to remember it, but there was once a time that nothing online was particularly safe. Today, trading online is a trillion-dollar industry and growing.

As door to door sales continue a resurgence, it’s up to consumers and the government to work hand in hand with reputable businesses to make the process as fair as possible for all. If it wasn’t for the widespread adoption of door selling, the Consumer Protection Act in Ontario would not have been able to pass to limit the power of door to door scammers that operate illegitimate business models. And it’s allowed other groups, such as charities, to use this model for untold success.

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