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  • Deceptive Door to Door Alarm Companies are Targeting You

A home alarm is both an investment in the safety of your home, and an open advertisement to everyone who walks by. That’s why a number of ireputable companies in the United States and Canada have taken your home alarm sticker as an open invitation to take your money and compromise your security.

The Sticker On Your Home Tells All

oeg door sales alarm systemIt’s very easy for door to door alarm scammers to approach your home because you’ve already told them everything they need to know: if you have an alarm system, and what company provides it. That allows scammers from door to door marketing companies to pose as your alarm company.

These decals are useful as a burglar deterrent in themselves, but they create an unnecessary opportunity to be approached at the door by individuals whom do not have your best interests at heart. In a sense, the decal paints you as a target for this specific operation.

What The Alarm Salesmen are Telling You At The Door

Why this is such a a problem for alarm system owners? Because these door to door salespeople sell alarms. Not just any alarms, though. These door to door salespeople have been reported to sell low quality knock-off alarm system while posing as your current systems provider.

These alarm systems are pitched to homeowners as “mandatory upgrades” or “revisions” offered by the provider that will enhance reliability and coverage. In reality, these products are frequently lacking in these traits, and are prone to breakdowns, or may simply do nothing at all while you continue to pay for your alarm system.

Some of these new contracts come with promises that sound too good to be true. Often door to door salespeople will entice buyers with promises of “free installation”, or “direct connection to the RCMP” (which may be impossible to do), and other provisions which are promised at the door but never delivered on the contract you actually sign.

Spotting Door to Door Shills When They Come

Protecting yourself may be important as these types of deceptive sales often appear much legitimate at first glance, but consider doing the following:

  • Recognize that many alarm companies do, in fact, go door to door. Find out if your alarm company does.
  • Understand what your company’s uniform and ID look like, and compare it to anyone who comes to your door.
  • Do not remove the alarm decal as a way to deter knockers. It will, but it might invite potential cat burglars instead. It’s not worth the trouble.
  • Always ask to speak to a representative of the alarm company the agent claims to represent.
  • Make sure any promises made in a sales pitch are reflected accurately in your contract.

Just for the record: one of the biggest alarm companies, ADT, does NOT operate door to door and in fact is offering a $25,000 reward for information on companies that are representing themselves as ADT. For those of us adamant about protecting our home, there’s an opportunity to fight back and get paid to do so.

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