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  • How do You Deal with Predatory Sellers?

It’s not just enough to spot scams when they come knocking. Many legitimate companies operate with wolves in sheep’s clothing – predatory sellers who aren’t interested in their business, or in your best interests. Learn how you can spot a predatory door to door salesperson, and the best way you can address predatory selling so it won’t affect you or your neighbors in the future.

Anatomy of a Predatory Seller

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What many people don’t realize is that predatory selling isn’t isolated to any one company, any one industry, or any one place. Predatory door to door sales have their roots in the salesperson, whom either as become used to the practice of door to door sales and doesn’t care about their professional image, or someone taught by another seller to act in such a manner.

Many people complain about businesses with “fly-by-night” operations, businesses which open and close in a short period of time, and exist just to get as much money out of their “clients” as possible. Predatory door to door salespeople are “fly-by-night” employees, skirting around company policy and the law as long as possible until they’re fired, where they move to the next company down the line willing to hire them.

What Are Predatory Sales?

Predatory sales don’t involve lying, misdirecting, or defrauding people at the door, but merely putting unreasonable, unwanted and obstinate pressure on a person to buy a product or service with a focus on ignoring the needs or concerns of the homeowner.

While some people would characterize all door to door sales as predatory, the fact remains that a very small section of door to door sales put an unwarranted pressure on homeowners; but these sentiments tend to stand out among the humdrum of daily business.

How Do you Report Predatory Sales?

Because of the fly-by-night style of these kinds of people, registering formal complaints to the Ontario Energy Board would be both a waste of your time, and another case OEB can’t help you with. These types of salespeople are adaptable, and tying the company to the problem allows them to continue their work with another company, poisoning businesses and homes in the future.

The best way to deal with individuals cases of hyper-aggressive sales people is to report it internally to the company they represent. This has the added benefit of accountability going exactly where it needs to. If the company refuses to take your claim seriously, then you have grounds to escalate to a formal complaint.

However, directing a complaint about a company because of a salesperson operating illegitimately won’t have that person dealt with properly, and they will continue to knock on doors for years to come.

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