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  • Are We Consuming Too Much Oil and Gas?

Green_sustainable_solutionsIt’s surprising how much we depend on oil in our day to day lifes.  And we see every day where this is leading: higher costs at the pump, a bigger push for Alberta’s oil sands, and a general sense of “What happens next?”.

Its clear that we’re consuming more oil and more gas as the years go on. That’s why economic and scientific experts are predicting an event called “Peak Oil”. In short, Peak Oil occurs when the cost of producing oil outweighs how much it can be sold for.

Peak Oil has become a grave concern for many as of late, as it raises the question of how sustainable our lifestyles in Canada really are. Green initiatives have been an amazing counter to latent fears of an economic crisis, but are we doing enough to loosen our dependence on unnecessary oil and natural gas?

As consumers, we have to reduce and control the amount that we consume. And while that may sound like we need to cut out our modern conveniences, like a warm home, our air conditioner, or hot water; it’s more about staying energy efficient.

Keeping your home energy efficient and up to the latest in environmental standards will help reduce the amount of natural gas you consume on a daily basis. These standards do so by providing more modern technology that eliminate “resource run-off” or gas and electricity that is consumed but not put to any good use.

In fact, there are some financial advantages to doing so. As of the time of this writing, you can receive up to $650 in government rebates for meeting energy-efficient standards in your home. While the rebate is helpful, it’s also important to consider the environmental impact you make every day when you use utilities.

Limit hot water use, keep your home temperature at a reasonable level, and start to learn more about our consumption of gas and oil that we undertake every day as consumers. Limiting our consumption isn’t just about saving money, it’s also about keeping what we do consume at a normal, sustainable, and green level.

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