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If Ontario can make any claim to fame when it comes to our energy policy: we consume less energy than anywhere else in Canada. In fact, we consume 25% less per person than the next province above us.

For a country with the unfortunately title of being the third highest consumer of power per citizen in the world, energy conservation has been touted as the next big step to control our carbon footprint. And better yet, it might even be the solution that finally puts a dent in our enormous energy bills.

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Why Is Conservation Effective?

Reducing the amount of energy we consume seems a bit strange given Ontario has a considerable energy surplus. However, conservation is an effective way in curbing future developments on nuclear plants, new wind farms, and new solar panels – costly projects that we can render unnecessary if we reduce our consumption to reduce the need for them.

In case you don’t see the provincial impact in conservation: approximately $2 billion invested in conservation efforts has saved $4 billion in new generation since 2005, and it’s predicted that reducing our personal consumption by 20%, our energy bills would not rise for another 20 years. This is in the face of predictions by the Ontario government that our bills will increase until 2032 without conservation.

How Can We Get Better At Conserving Energy?

The Ontario government has offered a number of useful tools to homeowners to help control our energy usage. Of note is the saveONenergy program, which offers a range of rebates and grants, some of which we have discussed in the past.

And while upgrading your HVAC appliances to high energy-efficient standards is one core way of reducing consumption, there are other programs such as peakSavers Plus, where the government will provide a free energy regulator for your water heater and central air system.

And as the government wises up to the advantage of energy conservation, it’s up to consumers to do their parts at home. Reducing your energy bills doesn’t just save you money, it saves your neighbor’s energy costs, it saves Ontario’s overall energy costs, and it helps save the environment.

Learn more about how you can improve your home to make better use of your energy, and small changes you can make today to start the process of enjoying cheaper, cleaner energy.

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