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  • How Charities Are Making Change With Door-to-Door Marketing

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When we think door-to-door salesman, we’re either thinking of Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman”, or very fast-talking salesman working for some marketing business we may or may not have heard of. The truth is that door-to-door sales encompass a huge industry. And despite some negative perceptions about door-to-door marketing, charities have done a lot of good for the world by connecting with their audience on their front porch.

The amazing thing that most people don’t realize about door-to-door marketing is that they don’t just position themselves as a sales platform. In fact, only a small percentage of the work that door-to-door marketers do during the day is selling. And this is never more true than with charities, which have found the face-to-face experience invaluable in promoting their causes.

Plan Canada reports that 84% of Canadians give to charity each year, yet far less are aware of how far their contributions are going, how effective their charity is at using their donations, or even what their charities have succeeding in doing. That’s the job of door-to-door charity fundraisers, who are promoting the message direct to residents.

Some critics of door-to-door practice consider that charities can find less direct ways of raising awareness and donations for their cause, or that they can operate in public spaces where people will feel less bothered. The truth is that more and more major charities are transitioning to face-to-face marketing, using volunteers and professional fundraisers to both personalize and spread the charity’s message organically.

And despite concerns from detractors, door-to-door has been of an enormous benefit to charities, with some charities reporting up to 75% of their donations coming through these channels. Anyone can claim the inconvenience or seeming distaste for a fundraiser at their door, but you can’t deny the results: charities are doing better than ever with the door-to-door model.

Door-to-door marketing isn’t a scam, and it works because it connects people directly with their community and with local businesses. Door-to-door scams exist, certainly, but there are signs and strategies to separate the good from the bad. Door-to-door fundraisers are just connecting you with the value of something nearly all of us do every year.

Have an experience with a door-to-door fundraiser? Let us know about your experience, if it was positive or negative. Ontario Energy Group’s Consumer Watch wants to help separate the good door-to-door reps from the bad apples. And we need your help. Share your experience and help raise awareness for fair and ethical practices at the door.

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