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    For thousands of years, we’ve been benefiting from natural sources of energy in our daily lives. So naturally, we take our daily living for granted, leading us to be wasteful at times and negligent at other times. Planet Earth is fascinating, and it’s clear that we can do a lot to save ourselves by learning from it.

    1. Solar Energy…

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  • Are These Four Household Items Destroying Your Environment?


    As committed as you can be to green initiatives, there’s always places to improve. We’ve discussed how you can optimize, refit, or even rebuild…

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  • Running your air conditioner all summer can get expensive, especially if we’re slated for heat late in the season (and we are). Keeping an up-to-date A/C system and servicing it regularly can keep the cool air flowing, but sometimes you need a cheaper alternative rather than suffer the pain of rising energy bill. These cool tips also…

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  • Are We To Blame for Climate Change?


    If our society is to be remembered for anything at all, it will be remembered for what we did when we recognized climate change, what we saw as the cause, and ultimately what we did about it. And unfortunately, what we’re doing seems to be not nearly enough. Are we the perpetrators of climate change, or merely…

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  • Should Canadians Feel Guilty About Our Carbon Footprint?


    Alongside Americans, Australians, and Germans, Canadians report feeling the least prerogative to “Go Green” when it comes to our energy policy and our daily lives. In fact, it’s stunning to learn that we fall behind China and India in our feelings on our carbon footprint. Are we neglecting our duty to the world around us, or are other factors…

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  • Conservation Suggested The Cheapest Way to Save Our Energy Bills

    Image Courtesy of

    If Ontario can make any claim to fame when it comes to our energy policy: we consume less energy than anywhere else in Canada. In fact, we consume 25% less per person than the next province above us.

    For a country with the unfortunately title of being the third highest consumer of power per citizen in…

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  • The Future of Home Building for Energy Efficiency


    At Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch, we’ve examined many at-home innovations that Ontario residents are using to improve their energy efficiency. From home energy generation to smart property planning, there’s a million things you can do…

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  • Going Deep Into Geothermal Heating In Our Homes


    We’d like to open up with comment shared by a user, which brought to light an emerging yet exciting form of home energy generation.

    Geo-thermal is a green heating and cooling system. It draws heat and cooling from underground. It is expensive to install but it is long-term. They make a mess of your property installing it since several hundred…

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  • Wind power is one of the oldest sources of energy that humans have made use of, alongside water power. It’s only recently that environmentalists have begun to see wind power as a way to supplement Ontario’s growing renewable power base. Yet lost in the conversation are those concerned of the health effects of wind power, of which…

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  • Are We Consuming Too Much Oil and Gas?

    Green Sustainable Solutions

    Green_sustainable_solutionsIt’s surprising how much we depend on oil in our day to day lifes.  And we see every day where this is leading: higher costs at the pump, a bigger push for Alberta’s oil sands, and a general sense of “What happens next?”.

    Its clear that we’re consuming more oil and more…

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