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“Ive had much bad experiences with my energy company. They keep putting charges on my bill that I didn’t agree to and I call to complain every month. When the man on customer service said they cannot help me, I yelled at him and hung up. What do I do so they hear my complaint and fix this?? Thank you”

Ronald M. Toronto, ON

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They say that customer service is an art to master, and many of the people you’ll deal with over the phone or in person haven’t mastered it. It can be frustrating we hear that we cannot be helped because all too often it feels like they’re refusing to help us.

So instead of teaching you that one trick that customer service reps hate, Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch would like to help you give the person on the other line the tools to help you today, so you won’t have problems down the road.

Consider Not Going By Phone

When you’re dealing with small problems, the intake at any call center is generally equipped to help work through these problems, correct small administrative errors, and adjust problems in billing. However if these problem keeps occurring, whatever is happening on the other end just isn’t working, and the phone is just a barrier between you and effective communication with your energy company.

So consider emailing the company directly, or even going as far as to write a letter to a manager or head of the department that handles your problem. Mail or e-mail reaching these people directly is a passive and inoffensive way to escalate a complaint where it can be heard, and it’s likely you can receive a call back from someone with a decision-making capacity right away.

Detail The Steps You Took

Nothing is worse than having your complaint bounced BACK to the people who you already know can’t help you. If you’ve called customer service five times, give brief details of each of those conversations, who you spoke to, and what was resolved.

This will inform your energy company that you’ve already gone through their channels and the problem hasn’t been fixed. It also creates urgency, urgency for you to seek the right road to resolution, and urgency for the person receiving your complaint that you are taking the matter seriously.

Keep It In Bullet Points

To keep the facts clear and to the point, provide short and simple sentences. You don’t need to share your feelings or your frustrations. Just stick to the facts, as this will make the complaint easy to read, follow, and understand.

Treat the Complaint like an Invitation

Even though the company is likely in the wrong on this one, expect that the person dealing with your case is just as concerned as you are. Don’t make an enemy out of the person you’re writing to, and certainly don’t insult them. Even among reputable businesses, angry letters have a bad habit of “disappearing”.

Treat your complaint like an open invitation to help the person you’re writing to improve their business and build stronger customer relations. Many businesses understand that resolving complaints is just part of doing business, and recognizing that they want to do good helps them build a better loyalty off their customers, and it helps get your problem fixed the right way. Every time.

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