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  • I Bought a Home, And Got An Energy Contract I Don’t Want!

“I bought a home last November and the seller didn’t inform me that he had an energy contract taken out with {COMPANY REMOVED}, now I’m getting much much higher than I’m used to paying. I contacted the company, and they said that it has to be settled with the old owner. I’d like to get out of this contract if I can, as I’m paying just too much for gas. I’ve been trying to contact the old owner, but it’s been four days and he hasn’t got back to me. Enbridge won’t do anything either, and {COMPANY REMOVED} said they will do a review.

Is there anything I can do while I wait for this whole mess to clear up?”

Anonymous Reader. Maple, ON

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Thank you for writing to us, {NAME REMOVED BY REQUEST}. This is indeed a very tricky situation, so we hope we can shed a little light on what’s going on here and help direct you to a channel that can help you get this problem resolved.

Unfortunately, the onus is on previous owner, who is required to settle and any all moving arrangements with Enbridge and the energy company prior to moving. For Enbridge, they require notification no less than 3 days before the closing date to process any changes. For energy companies, it varies from company to company, but can be anywhere from 30 to 60 days from the date of moving.

And while it would be easy to blame the former owner for having not settled their contract, it may have slipped their mind as well. If possible, we would suggest contracting the real estate broker who oversaw the sale, as documentation of this should’ve (if the broker was doing their job) occurred at one step or another while the former owner was selling their house.

Ultimately, Enbridge will not be able to do anything for you, as their policy states that they do not arrange retroactive changes to accounts. That being said, the responsibility to handle the change lay largely with the energy company. Hopefully, their internal investigation will turn up something that can help you along with this.

However, we definitely suggest you try to put the real estate broker, and the owner if you establish contact, into communications with his energy company. Unfortunately for him, he may be required to pay a termination fee because of his failure to disclose a move. But it’s better he handle the cost than you continue to pay for a contract you don’t want.

You should also investigate if you will be eligible for compensation for the bills you have paid in excess. This is, unfortunately, somewhat beyond our experience, as there is a legal component to pursuing that. However, you may wish to consult with legal aid to examine you options and see if you can help get this issue settled fairly and in your favor.

If things turn out well, we would love to hear back from you, as the information would definitely be help other new homeowners that have faced similar problems.

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