Ontario Energy Group’s Consumer Watch is a dedicated, pro-consumer watchdog site that follows the pulse of Ontario’s energy industry and helps consumers navigate the misleading, confusing, or just plain frustrating aspects of the business.

At OEG Consumer Watch, we listen to consumer concerns and answer your questions about Ontario’s energy market and how it affects you. We also provide useful tips, tricks, and advice on helping you to reduce your energy consumption, avoiding the pitfalls of shady dealers, and get only the facts about door to door sales.

OEG Consumer Watch is not a website run for solicitations, and we do not solicit sales on our website. OEG Consumer Watch is a pro-consumer arm of the Ontario Energy Group, a leading privately-held home services company.

For questions or comments about Ontario’s energy industry, especially if you’ve been defrauded or unsatisfied with your experience, please use our contact form.

We make every commitment to address input and feedback from our visitors and we address topics that our visitors share with us on a regular basis.

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