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Welcome to OEG Consumer Watch

Finding the right information about your energy concerns can be difficult. In Ontario, homeowners are confronted with misleading half-truths, unclear contracts, and possible fraud when they’re approached at the door. As a result, a homeowner is scammed by a less-than-reputable business on average once per week.

Many consumer watch sites focus on the negatives of Ontario’s energy business, but don’t help consumers find the right resources. As a result, we can be apprehensive, even skeptical, of the services that local Ontario businesses offer homeowners. That’s why Ontario Energy Group Consumer Watch is on your side while you navigate the Ontario energy community. We provide objective, fact-based analysis and reviews of the Ontario energy business.

If you’ve ever been approached at the door, we can give you the facts on whether or not the sales rep is representing your best interests. We are an arm of Ontario Energy Group, and operate solely as a consumer  help page, built for consumers and not for solicitation. Other consumer watch groups target the negative experience; we look at the whole picture.


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